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    The Photograph Collections can be searched through an on-line database which contains descriptions and images of photographs and prints.  Not all descriptions have images attached at this time.  There are nearly 30,000 entries in the database, and more than 13,000 with digital images. Images that contain the following graphic , may not be in digital form or are not available for viewing on the world wide web.

These images are provided for reference use only. The electronic availabilty of material does not imply permission to cite, quote or publish. No materials may be published in any format without written permission.

    There are several fields which can be used to search the database: Location, Description, Date, Photographer, and Collection Name are the most useful.  Or you can search the entire database with the All Fields selection. The database also contains the fields Photographer's Number, Notes, and Image Number.  These last three fields are used primarily for internal purposes.

    This database works like any other database you are used to. Use Quotes for more acurate searches. You also do not need to use the complete word in a search. For example, if you are searching for a specific name of a photographer, you need only type the first few characters of that person's last name in order for the database to locate them.  (Herbert J. Hagerman can be searched by typing "Hagerman", or just "Hager")  Using the fewest number of characters possible, will bring up the broadest number of results.  Using more characters will bring up fewer, more specific results.

    Searches can also be limited by changing the type of search that is performed on the database.  By changing the 'Search in' scroll menu from the search bar, the database only searchs in that area.

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